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Classic Deluxe Crane Handle Shear


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Sensei’s modern Comfort Enhanced™ version of a classic grooming shear. The Power Sword™ blade focuses cutting power where you need it, making it a dream to cut with. The wide contact thumb ring cradles your thumb with increased surface area. It spreads the pressure out to reduce stress on the thumb. The finger handle features a broad rest for your fingers, giving you more cutting power.

This Deluxe Classic shear features a Ball Bearing Leaf Spring Tension system that stabilizes the blades making them stay sharp longer. State of the art Polymer Glide™ glides in the pivot eliminate metal to metal wear, keeping your shear feeling like new for life. The blades are made of Duralite™ Molybdenum Alloy Steel. This formulation of Molybdenum infused stainless is triple tempered including -300° Cryogenic tempering. This improves the durability by 40% or in other words, nearly doubles the life of the edge on what is already one of the most durable steels the Japanese produce!

All shears come with a FREE case.

Models: SCD75, SCD85


MATERIAL: Molybdenum Alloy

HANDLE: Crane Grip

Ball Bearing TENSION: Reversible Leaf Spring

Polymer Pivot Glides

FINGER REST: Removable

LENGTHS: 7.5 and 8.5 inches



Cryogenically Tempered

Convex Edge